Stainless Steel Round Bar

Round Bar

M-Pipe & Fitting Solution Inc. is a reliable business that makes and sells high-quality stainless steel round bars. Stainless steel round bars are solid bars in the shape of a cylinder that is made from stainless steel metals. Stainless steel is a mix of iron, chromium, and other elements, such as nickel, molybdenum, and titanium. These metals are very corrosion-resistance, have high tensile strength, and are well-made. Because the bars are round, they are easy to cut, shape, and join, which makes them good for a wide range of uses.

Specifications of Stainless Steel Round Bars: 

Stainless steel round bars come in many different sizes and shapes to meet a variety of needs. Diameter, length, tolerance, and surface finish are some of the most popular specifications. Most of the time, the diameter is between a few millimeters and a few hundred millimeters, and the length can be changed to meet particular needs. Tolerance levels make sure that the dimensions are correct, and surface finish choices like hot rolled, cold drawn, or polished give the metal different looks and functions.

ASTM A479 Steel Round Bars: ASTM A479 is a standard specification for stainless steel bars and shapes that are used in boilers, pressure vessels, and other high-temperature uses. It includes round, square, hexagonal, and other forms of hot-finished and cold-finished bars. ASTM A479 stainless steel round bars are used a lot because they are resistant to heat, have high tensile strength, and don’t rust. These bars are put through a lot of tests and have to meet certain mechanical and chemical requirements. This makes sure that they are good and reliable.

Stainless steel round bars have the following key features and benefits:

Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel round bars are very resistant to corrosion, which makes them good for use in harsh settings like the marine, chemical, and food processing industries. Because stainless steel contains chromium, an oxide layer forms on the surface to protect it from rust and make it last longer.

High Strength: Stainless steel round bars have a high tensile strength, which means they can hold up under big loads and not bend. Because of this, they are perfect for shafts, fasteners, and structural uses where strength and dependability are important.

Machinability: Round bars made of stainless steel are easy to work with common tools and methods, such as turning, cutting, and drilling. The round shape makes everything the same and makes it easier to do things smoothly, which leads to exact and accurate parts.

Weldability: Stainless steel round bars are easy to weld, so they can be joined to other stainless steel parts without gaps. Because of this, they are good for jobs that require welding, like building and fabrication.

Hygienic Properties: Because stainless steel is easy to clean, it is used a lot in the food and beverage business. The smooth surface of stainless steel makes it hard for germs to grow and makes it easy to clean, which is important for keeping things clean.

Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Round Bars: During the hot rolling process, stainless steel round bars are made by heating the metal above its recrystallization temperature and then passing it through several rollers. Hot-rolled stainless steel round bars have many benefits, such as better mechanical qualities, a smoother surface, and a lower price. The hot rolling method makes the grain structure smoother, which makes the metal stronger and more durable. Also, it makes the surface smooth and free of scales, so less surface cleaning is needed.

Uses of Stainless Steel Round Bars: 

Stainless steel round bars are used in many different businesses.

Construction and Architecture: Stainless steel round bars are often used as structural parts, stairs, balustrades, and decorative pieces in construction and architecture. Their power, corrosion resistance, and good looks make them a good choice for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Manufacturing and Machinery: Components, machine parts, and equipment are made with stainless steel round bars in the manufacturing and machinery businesses. Their good mechanical qualities, ability to be machined, and resistance to wear and tear make sure that they work well and last a long time.

Oil and Gas: Round bars made of stainless steel are very important in the oil and gas business. They are used in drilling tools, valves, pipelines, and offshore platforms because they can withstand high-pressure and corrosive environments.

Automobile: Stainless steel round bars are used in the automobile industry to make shafts, axles, exhaust systems, and parts for the suspension. Stainless steel is used in demanding automotive uses because it is strong and corrosion-resistance.

Marine and Shipbuilding: Stainless steel round bars are used a lot in the marine business to build ships, offshore structures, and marine equipment. In the marine environment, where saltwater and rough conditions are frequent, the ability of stainless steel to resist corrosion is very important.

Aerospace: Stainless steel round bars are used in the aerospace business to make landing gears, engine parts, and structural parts for planes. Stainless steel is used in aircraft because of its high strength-to-weight ratio, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Food and Drink: Stainless steel round bars are used a lot in the food and drink business because they are easy to clean and don’t rust. They are used to make equipment for food handling, storage tanks, and cooking tools that meet strict hygiene standards.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical: Stainless steel round bars are used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries because they are resistant to harmful chemicals and high temperatures. They are used to make reactors, storage containers, and pipe systems.

Stainless steel round bars are important parts in many industries because they are resistant to rust, are strong, can be machined, and can be welded. ASTM A479 steel round bars have standardized standards that ensure quality and dependability. With better mechanical qualities and a smoother surface, hot-rolled stainless steel round bars offer more benefits. Stainless steel round bars are used in a wide range of industries, from buildings and cars to aerospace and food processing. They are important to the growth and development of these industries. M-Pipe & Fitting Solution Inc offers certified round bars that meet international standards like API, ASTM, and ISO 9001:2015.

Specifications:ASTM A276, ASME SA276 / ASTM A479  ASME SA479
SS Round Bars:Outside Diameter in the range of 4mm to 500mm
SS Bright Bars:Outside Diameter in the range of 4mm to 100mm
SS Hex Bars:18mm – 57mm (11/16″ to 2-3/4″)
SS Square Bars:18mm – 47mm (11/16″ to 1-3/4″)
SS Flat Bars:1/2” to 10” in thickness range of 2mm to 150mm,
Finish:Black, Bright Polished, Rough Turned, NO.4 Finish, Matt Finish, BA Finish
Length:1 to 6 Meters, Custom Cut Lengths
Form:Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc.


SS0.08 max2 max1.0 max0.045 max0.030 max18 – 203.0-4.011.0-15.057.845 min

It’s important to note that these are general compositions, and specific stainless steel grades may have slight variations in their chemical compositions. Additionally, many other stainless steel grades are available with different compositions to meet specific application requirements. If you have a specific stainless steel grade in mind, I can provide more detailed information about its composition.