ASTM A790 UNS S31803 Seamless Pipes & Tubes

ASTM A790 Pipes Suppliers

M-Pipe & Fitting Solution Inc is a reputable company that manufactures and supplies high-quality ASTM A790 uns S31803 seamless pipes & tubes. ASTM A790 UNS S31803 Seamless Pipes & Tubes are an essential part of uses made of duplex stainless steel. Because of their excellent properties and high resistance to corrosion, these seamless pipes and tubes are now the material of choice in many businesses. 

Understanding ASTM A790 UNS S31803 Seamless Pipes and Tubes

ASTM A790 UNS S31803 is a duplex stainless steel grade with austenite and ferrite phases in its microstructure. Its two-phase microstructure gives it a variety of valuable qualities that make it a good choice for a wide range of industrial uses. Because it is made up of chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen, it is very resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion. It makes it a good choice for use in harsh settings.

Why ASTM A790 UNS S31803 Seamless Pipes and Tubes Are Better

Stronger Resistance to Corrosion

One of the most advantageous things about ASTM A790 UNS S31803 Seamless Pipes and Tubes is how well they prevent corrosion. It makes them perfect for use in harsh and corrosive environments, like oil and gas sites in the ocean, chemical processing plants, and marine environments. With a balanced mix of ferrite and austenite, the duplex structure provides better protection against localized and general corrosion, making the pipes and tubes last longer.

Very Strong and Durable

ASTM A790 UNS S31803 has good mechanical qualities, such as high tensile strength and the ability to resist impact damage. Because these pipes and tubes are solid and rigid, they can handle high pressure and extreme temperature changes without breaking or deforming. So, they are often used where structural stability is the most important, like pressure vessels and petrochemical pipelines.

How Much Will It Cost

Another reason ASTM A790 UNS S31803 Seamless Pipes & Tubes are often used is that they are affordable. Because it has a balanced mix of alloying elements, it is cheaper than other alloys that resist corrosion. The general cost savings for industries that use this material are increased because it lasts a long time and needs less maintenance.

Able to weld well

ASTM A790 UNS S31803 is more accessible to weld than other types of stainless steel. This quality is essential during manufacturing and installation because it makes welding more accessible and reduces the chance of welding problems. It allows lines and tubes to be joined without gaps, making the system more robust.

Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) Resistance

Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) is a process that can cause metal parts to fail terribly. But ASTM A790 UNS S31803 has a high resistance to SCC, which makes it a good choice for essential applications in harsh environments. Because of this, it can be used in the chemical processing business, where it is often exposed to strong chemicals and high temperatures.

ASTM A790 UNS S31803 Seamless Pipes and Tubes Uses

Industry of Oil and Gas

There are many problems in the oil and gas business, such as harsh environments, high pressures, and fluids that break down metal. This business uses ASTM A790 UNS S31803 Seamless Pipes & Tubes extensively, especially in offshore drilling platforms, subsea pipelines, and processing facilities. Their great strength and resistance to corrosion make them a good choice for keeping critical infrastructure safe and reliable.

How Chemicals Are Made

Chemical processing plants deal with many corrosive chemicals, and ASTM A790 UNS S31803 Seamless Pipes & Tubes are the perfect answer for these uses. Their resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking makes them suitable for moving and processing chemicals, acids, and alkalis.

Plants for Desalination

Seawater is turned into drinkable water in desalination plants with the help of ASTM A790 UNS S31803 Seamless Pipes & Tubes. The material’s resistance to corrosion caused by chloride makes it an excellent choice for handling saltwater safely and efficiently, ensuring that seaside areas always have fresh water.

Buildings and buildings

ASTM A790 UNS S31803 Seamless Pipes & Tubes are used in construction and architecture to make building facades, handrails, and support systems. The material’s good looks, durability, and resistance to corrosion make it a popular choice for modern designs that need both usefulness and good looks.

Shipping and Transportation

ASTM A790 UNS S31803 Seamless Pipes & Tubes are critical in transportation. They are used to make exhaust systems, structural parts, and frames for cars and trains. Also, they are resistant to marine environments, which makes them a good choice for piping systems and offshore sites in shipbuilding.

In conclusion, ASTM A790 UNS S31803 Seamless Pipes & Tubes have become highly sought-after in many industrial areas due to their excellent properties and versatility. They are perfect for critical uses in the oil and gas, chemical processing, desalination, construction, and transportation industries, among others, because they are resistant to corrosion, robust, easy to weld, and affordable. As technology and industries keep improving, the demand for this grade of duplex stainless steel will likely grow, solidifying its place as a reliable and long-lasting solution to many engineering problems. M-Pipe & Fitting Solution Inc provides certified pipes & tubes that meet international standards such as API, ASTM, and ISO 9001:2015.

SpecificationsASTM A 790 ASME SA 790
StandardAISI, DIN, EN, GB, JIS, ASTM, ASME UNS S31803 Pipe
UNS S31803 Seamless Pipe Outer Diameter6.00 mm OD up to 250 mm OD, Sizes up to 12” NB
UNS S31803 Welded Pipe size5.0 mm – 1219.2 mm
UNS S31803 EFW Pipe size5.0 mm – 1219.2 mm
Thickness0.3mm – 50 mm
UNS S31803 Welded pipe Size6.35 mm OD To 152 mm OD
Swg & Bwg10 Swg., 12 Swg., 14 Swg., 16 Swg., 18 Swg., 20 Swg.
UNS S31803 Seamless pipe Size3.35 mm OD To 101.6 mm OD, 15 NB to 150 NB IN
UNS S31803 Pipe wall thickness0.020 in – 0.220 in
UNS S31803 Pipes ScheduleSCH 5, SCH10, SCH 40, SCH 80, SCH 80S, SCH 160, SCH XXS, SCH XS A790 Pipe Supplier
ASTM A790 Pipes FormHydraulic, Round, Straight Pipes, Square, Hollow, Coiled, U Shape etc.
ASTM A790 GR UNS S31803 Duplex Pipe FinishPolished, Annealed and Pickled, Bright and Annealed, MF, NO.1, NO.4, 2B, BA, HL, 8K, Mirror finish,etc
SA 790 S31803 Pipes LengthDouble Random, Single Random, Standard & Cut length
A790 Grade UNS S31803 Welded Pipe EndPlain End, Beveled End, Treaded.


CNPSiMnMoFeCrSNi – 3.522.0 – – 6.50.14 – 0.2Bal


Manganese is added to enhance the steel’s strength and hardenability. The manganese content in ASTM A790 UNS S31803 is typically limited to a maximum of 2.00%.