Stainless Steel Seamless 446 Pipes

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M-Pipe & Fitting Solution Inc is a reputable company that manufactures and supplies high-quality stainless steel seamless 446 pipes. Stainless steel seamless 446 pipes offer a strong, dependable option. These pipes, which are of the ferritic family of stainless steels and are made of grade 446 stainless steel, are well known for their capacity to withstand heat. Grade 446 pipes have a high chromium content that offers exceptional oxidation resistance even at high temperatures, making them suited for usage in industries including chemical processing, petrochemical, power generation, and furnace equipment. These pipes provide a clean and uniform surface finish thanks to their seamless design, ensuring structural strength. For demanding applications where temperature and corrosion resistance are important considerations, stainless steel seamless 446 pipes are recommended. They are known for their adaptability, ease of manufacture, and low maintenance needs.

The simplicity of production and installation of stainless steel seamless 446 pipes is another outstanding quality. They are simple to cut, shape, and weld to satisfy certain specifications, enabling bespoke designs and smooth integration into current systems. They are a favoured option for construction projects and retrofitting applications due to their adaptability and versatility.

 They are a top choice for various applications due to their superior heat resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical qualities, and ease of production. These pipes offer a strong and long-lasting solution to fulfil modern industries’ stringent requirements, whether for chemical processing, power generation, or other industrial activities.

ASTM A312 Seamless Pipes: Seamless, welded, and highly cold-worked austenitic stainless steel pipes are all covered under the ASTM A312 standard specification. It includes austenitic, ferritic, and duplex stainless steels and a broad range of pipe diameters and grades. Oil and gas, chemical, and food processing industries often employ ASTM A312 seamless pipes.
It covers a variety of pipe diameters, schedules, and grades, including well-known stainless steel grades like 304, 316, and 321. Industries like oil and gas, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and food processing frequently employ these pipes. The ASTM A312 standard includes standards for testing, mechanical qualities, and other things.

AISI 446 Stainless Steel Pipe: Ferritic stainless steel alloy AISI 446 is renowned for its outstanding resistance to high-temperature oxidation and corrosion. It has a high chromium content and only trace amounts of molybdenum, which help it withstand heat. Applications for AISI 446 stainless steel tubes include heat exchangers, exhaust systems, combustion chambers, and sections of furnaces. The mechanical qualities of these tubes can sustain temperatures of up to 1200 °C (2200 °F). A particular type of stainless steel from the ferritic family is designated as AISI 446. It offers exceptional resistance to corrosion and oxidation at high temperatures because of the high quantities of chromium and minor amounts of molybdenum it contains. In applications involving high-temperature conditions, such as furnace and heat exchanger components, AISI stainless steel seamless 446 pipes are frequently employed.

ASTM A249 Steel Pipe: An industry standard for welded austenitic steel boilers, superheaters, heat exchanger, and condenser tubes is ASTM A249. It includes stainless steel tubes fabricated from all grades, including austenitic, ferritic, and duplex stainless steels. Steel pipes made to ASTM A249 are frequently used in heat transfer equipment in petrochemical, chemical processing, and power generation sectors. It applies to stainless steel tubes constructed from grades 304, 316, and 321. Many industries use these pipes extensively, including power generation, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. Dimensions, mechanical qualities, production processes, and non-destructive testing are all specified by ASTM A249.

SS 446 Welded Pipes: Stainless steel grade 446, a ferritic, heat-resistant alloy, is referred to as SS 446. Stainless steel grade 446 is used to create SS 446 welded pipes by joining pieces of the material. These pipes are appropriate for use in furnace equipment, oil refineries, chemical plants, and other high-temperature situations because of their outstanding resistance to high-temperature corrosion and oxidation. Welded pipes offer strength, cost-effectiveness, and longevity compared to seamless pipes. Stainless steel grade 446, a ferritic alloy with high heat resistance, is referred to as SS 446. Stainless Steel Seamless 446 Pipes is used to create SS 446 welded pipes. These pipes are used in high-temperature-resistant applications such as furnace parts, exhaust systems, and chemical processing machinery.

They are perfect for various sectors due to their seamless design and the remarkable qualities of grade 446 stainless steel. No matter what type of equipment you need—chemical processing, petrochemical, power generation, furnace equipment, etc.—stainless steel seamless 446 pipes provide the durability, dependability, and performance you need. For high-temperature and corrosion resistance applications, stainless steel seamless 446 pipes offer a dependable and strong option. These pipes offer outstanding performance and longevity due to their seamless design, great heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and ease of production. Even in the most demanding situations, stainless steel seamless 446 pipes offer effective and dependable operations in chemical processing, petrochemical, power generating, or furnace equipment. M-Pipe & Fitting Solution Inc provides certified Pipes & Tubes that meet international standards such as API, ASTM, and ISO 9001:2015.

Standard : 446 / 1.4762 / 3

Size Range : 1/8” to 48”, Seamless Pipes up to 24”

Designation : ASTM A312, ASME SA312, ASTM A269, ASTM A213, ASTM A249, ASTM A270, ASTM A511, ASTM A554, ASTM A778, ASTM A908, ASME SA249.

Product Shapes : Round, Square, Rectangular

Thickness: 0.4mm up to 30.00 mm, Schedules 5, 10S, 10, 30, 40S, 40, 80, 80S, XS, 160, XXH

Length: Standard 6-6.1 meter length, 20 Ft, Custom Cut Lengths

Types : Seamless, Welded, Cold Drawn, Structural, Hot Finished, Extruded, Annealed & Pickled

Product Range: Round Pipes, Square Pipes, Rectangular Pipes, Straight Stainless Steel Tubing, Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing, Large Size Seamless Pipes, Stainless Steel Instrumentation Tubes, Seamless Cold Rolled Coiled Stainless Steel Tubing, Pre Insulated Stainless Steel Tubes, Decorative Polished Pipes, Electropolished Stainless Steel Tubes, High Pressure Stainless Steel Tubes, Seamless Heat Exchanger Tubes, Seamless U-tubes, Large Diameter Fabricated Pipes, Seamless U-Bended Heat Exchanger Tubes.


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Stainless steel 446 pipes may also contain trace amounts of other elements such as sulfur (S), phosphorus (P), and nitrogen (N), which are present in small quantities to control specific properties of the material.